The 33rd International Biology Olympiad in Armenia


Medical care in Armenia is reliable and widely available.


During the International Biology Olympiad 2022, COVID-related measures will be as follows:


1. The medical ambulance will be on duty every day.


2. Testing will be conducted upon request and free of charge.


3. If the participants test positive during the Olympiad, necessary supervision will be established by the medical health care organization closest to the jurys' place of residence (Ani Plaza Hotel) and students' place of residence (Ani Grand Hotel).


4. Infected participants will be isolated at the hotel.
In case of complete vaccination, 7 days of self-isolation is required under medical supervision, in case of unvaccination, 10 days of self-isolation is required under medical supervision. During the period of self-isolation, on the 7th day after being tested positive for COVID-19, the unvaccinated participants may undergo, on their own initiative, a PCR test and in case of a negative result, get out of self-isolation.


5. Infected participants will be treated free of charge. However, we are kindly asking you to buy medical insurance for traveling to Armenia.


6. If the participants have to stay in Armenia due to COVID infection after the Olympiad, the host country covers the expenses ONLY IN CASE OF HOSPITALIZATION.