The 33rd International Biology Olympiad in Armenia

One of the practical exams of the IBO Armenia will be in Bioinformatics. The practical task will be organised in a web application. Part of the application is presented below as a DEMO. Please get familiarised with the tool to minimise technical difficulties during the exam.


Demo tutorial

  1. You can move the nodes across the window by clicking with the left mouse button and moving the node without releasing the mouse button. 
  2. Add interactions between the nodes by the following steps:
    • To add the interaction between 2 nodes, click on the “Add edge” button at the top of the window. Then click on the first interacting node and without releasing the mouse move to the second interacting node (NOTE: the direction should go from the source to the target). Next, a small window will appear on the screen. On the window select the Feature1 (Type1, Type2) and the Feature2 (Type1, Type2). Then click on the “Save” button to add the interaction.
    • To delete an existing interaction, click on the interaction line and then click on the “Delete selected” button at the top of the window. To confirm the action, click on the OK button.
  3. To finish the work, click on the “Submit work” button at the top of the window. Click on the “Submit” button on the opened window to confirm submission.
  4. Refresh the page from the browser to start the demo again.



See DEMO application