The 33rd International Biology Olympiad in Armenia

The Republic of Armenia


Capital: Yerevan

Official language: Armenian

Abbreviations: AM, ARM

Religion: Christianity (Armenian Apostolic Church)

Time Zone: UTC+4 (AMT)

Dial Code: +374

Currency: Dram (֏) (AMD)  

For the daily rate of the Armenian Dram, please, visit the website  

The US Dollar and the Euro are among the common foreign currencies available for exchange.




A dry, continental climate prevails in Armenia. The mountainous landscape largely determines the characteristics of the climate. Several climatic zones can be found at a distance of 30-50 kilometers. On the main territory of the country, the seasons are divided according to the classical scheme: spring - March, April, May: summer - June, July, August; autumn - September, October, November; winter - December, January, February.

The most frequent precipitation occurs in spring and autumn. Snow falls in winter, the snow cover in mountainous areas can reach a meter, in Yerevan the snow cover does not last long.

Spring, depending on the altitude of the terrain, lasts 1.5-3 months. This season is characterized by mild and humid, very changeable weather.

Sunny, moderately warm, windless seasons are typical in autumn. Autumns are known for their vibrant and colorful foliage.

The hottest months in Yerevan are July and August with an average temperature of 26 °C. The temperature can rise to +42°C (absolute maximum).


For outdoor excursions and activities during the IBO week we highly recommend you to bring:

  • Sun protection (sunglasses, sunscreen).
  • Cloths and shoes for both hot weather and rainy weather.
  • A lightweight jacket since there can be windy evenings.



Power Plugs

The electrical voltage in Armenia is 220 volts.

In Armenia type C (2-pin) plug is used.




For all other plugs (i.e. for laptops, since jury members have to bring their own laptops), an adaptor will be needed.






Tap water is safe to drink in Armenia. That is why there are drinking water fountains all over Yerevan.

However, for those who are not used to tap water, it is recommended to drink bottled water instead.